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The Obedience classes offered by VVDOC are listed below.  Additional classes may be
offered, based on student interest and instructor availability.  Click the
Class Schedule button
above for a list of classes in the upcoming session.  

Our classes are six weeks long and are taught by our volunteer Club members who own and
train their own dogs.  We use buckle or slip collars.  We do not use any harsh training
methods.  We allow food, toys, or whatever it takes to motivate your dog.

Puppy Class
Puppy class gets the little ones socialized and introduced to the basic skills of walking nicely on
a lead, coming when called, sitting, and lying down  

Beginner Obedience Class
In the Beginner Obedience class, the dogs learn how to heel
on lead, sit, lie down, stay, come when called, and otherwise
become well-behaved canine citizens.

The first level of Rally is Rally Novice.  All exercises at this level are performed on (lead)
leash.  Your dog should already know how to heel on a loose leash, sit when you stop, sit and
lie down on command, “finish” (heel) exercise from both left and right sides, and recall (come
when called).

The Rally Advanced and Excellent levels require that the dog and handler team has completed
the AKC Rally Novice (RN) title or are working toward it.  

Additional information about Rally and a link to AKC Rally Regulations can be found at:  

Beginner Novice Obedience Class
This Beginner Novice Obedience class is the interim step between Rally and Novice.  Rally
signs are used for a simple course pattern.  Dogs and handlers will learn other exercises used
in this AKC Competition class.

Novice Obedience
This Novice Obedience class advances to off-lead heeling and will prepare dogs and handlers
for competitive obedience work.  Your dog must be able to perform the exercises learned in
the Beginner Obedience Class.  

    The pre-requisites for the Novice Obedience class
  • 1 minute sit/stay on a 6 foot lead
  • 1 minute down/stay on a 6 foot lead
  • Heeling (including about turns, left and right turns,
  • Automatic sit when handler stops motion
  • Recall on a 6 foot lead, with a sit in front

Additional Classes
Other classes such as Canine Good Citizen, Introduction to Open, Open, and Utility may be
offered.  Pre-requisites may be required before admission to these classes.  Please check the
Class Schedule page for more information.  
Group Heeling Exercise
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