5/31/99 - 12/08/11
"My Tommy" (as I always lovingly call him) had no registered name, or titles either, but he
was the most patient and sweet dog ever, with very good manners.  He was a very happy
boy and he loved life, despite a very rough start. You see, Tommy was abandoned in Las
Vegas by owners from Arizona, then went through two shelters and was on “death row”
when I was fortunate enough to have him come into my life, joining his new brother, CJ, and
me. The first time I saw him was in a kennel at Dewey Animal Shelter, when he was about
one year old - a big, gangly yellow lab/dane mix with a little black labrador puppy playing,
hanging from his lip.  He just stood there, so patient.  That patience was with him through his
whole life.  

It became very apparent to me rather quickly that formal obedience was not Tommy's forte.  
But gosh, having fun and running with what life handed you was something he excelled at.  
He just loved everyone and everything.  He was always very patient and would just wait his
turn, regardless of the circumstances.

Tommy loved to bark for his breakfast and dinner. He would get the parakeet going and
then the two of them would bark, chirp, bark bark, chirp chirp, and on and on they would go.

"My Tommy" was a constant reminder that life is good. Just be patient, and embrace it for all
it's worth.

"My Tommy" - you were a most wonderful dog and you are deeply missed by your Mom,
Ginger, your brothers CJ and Murphy, and bird pal Johnnie.

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