Answer: Because obedience training is a GOOD thing.  Obedience training builds
communication, understanding, and mutual respect while demonstrating to your dog that you
are an effective "pack leader".

Dogs are pack animals with a well-defined and inherent social order.  Every dog pack has a
leader to whom the other dogs in the pack look to for guidance and leadership.  When you
bring a dog into your family, the family members become the dog's new, not-so-furry pack
and, as such, they must provide leadership to the new canine member.

Enrolling in a dog obedience class offers several positive benefits to both the family and the

  • It's all about communication! Obedience training will teach you how to
    "speak dog" and help your new canine friend "understand human".  In
    other words, you will learn to become the "pack leader".  You will learn
    how to communicate with your dog while establishing the human
    household rules and boundaries in ways that your dog can

  • Training will enhance the bond between you and your dog and
    increase the enjoyment of your relationship with your dog.

  • Training will help you learn how to prevent your dog from developing
    unacceptable behavior and bad habits such as chewing, digging,
    barking, biting, jumping, and peeing in the house.

  • Training will give you the skills you need to keep your dog safe and
    show you how to make your dog a good canine citizen in your

  • If you have a desire to showcase the teamwork and skills you have developed with your good
    canine, obedience training opens doors to the fun and challenging world of AKC competitive
    obedience and other performance events, where you and your dog can earn certificates and titles
    while you continue to strengthen your human-to-canine bond.

A well-behaved, obedience-trained dog is a pleasure to own because he or she can go
virtually anywhere without being a risk or nuisance to others.

    In addition to food, shelter and good veterinary care, obedience training is one
    of the most important and satisfying things you can do with, and for, your dog.

The bottom line is that dog obedience training truly benefits everyone. And who doesn't want
a dog with good manners?
Ryker (Boxer)
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